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East Dunbartonshire Visually Impaired Peoples Forum aims to empower visually impaired people to achieve their maximum level of personal independence.  The Forum actively promotes the welfare and development of the people in East Dunbartonshire to address problems which affect visually impaired people both directly and indirectly and to achieve and push for change.  Our group started in May 2010 after we became aware of the need to help people in East Dunbartonshire with blindness or other visual impairments.  We can provide help in a number of situations from giving advice/guidance, acting as a supporting body, raising awareness to the local and wider community and encouraging social inclusion.  We aim to provide a safe and friendly meeting place for people with visual impairment.  A place for individuals and their family member’s to meet and discuss their views and on living with a visual impairment over a tea and coffee.  If this interests you, or someone you know.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch or just come along.